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Sometimes we listen to the world around us like we're on the phone, with a bad connection. As the signal breaks up, we talk louder, and focus harder. Trying to filter out the noise.

But sometimes, in the background, you hear something. You listen again. Something unexpected alerts the fine muscles of your ear. It feels like a feather, maybe. Or a bee hovering close. Or a story just beginning.

This series of short audio features is about that kind of unpremeditated listening. We offer them in the spirit of surprise, delight and serendipity.

Thanks to Murray Horwitz and the American Film Institute Silver Theatre, we're presenting an introductory series before selected films. Go to the AFI Silver to catch a film, and maybe we'll surprise you with an audio ambush before the show. You can come here to listen again, and find out more about Aaron Ximm, Jennifer Deer, Shea Shackelford, and others responsible for what you're hearing.

What you're hearing now is the sound of thousands of Sandhill Cranes lifting off at dawn from the muddy flats of the Platte River, in central Nebraska. You can make out the youngest ones by their higher-pitched voices.

David Schulman
for audio ambush

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